The Beauchamp Family


This family is so special to me! They are my neighbors and we have seen each others kids grow up over the past 10+ years. We have such a great tight knit community in our cul-de-sac and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Every time we think about moving, we think twice because we don’t think we could get lucky again with such awesome neighbors.

They were my last session of 2013 and if you ask me, it was a great session to wrap up the year with. Plus they love b+w images so of course I was giddy like a schoolgirl with tickets to a One Direction concert!

print 5x7 b family

proof 47

girls together



proof 30

proof 74


proof 45


Our Christmas 2013 Card (a little late)


I’m trying to catch up here and post some recent photos. I rarely get to shoot my own kids unless it’s around Christmas time for our cards. They give me about 10 minutes each so I have to work fast. Lucky for me, I got a few good ones so I was able to update some photos in our house.

First up is our card this year:

pink card 2

Then some individuals of the kiddos:

pink card

And finally one together (which I blew up big for our bedroom):

pink card 3

I’m sure they won’t let me photograph them again until next Christmas time! Anywho, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and an awesome start to 2014!

Bloom Summer Meet-Up


I just realized that I never shared some of the images that I took when we had a Bloom Summer meet-up last year.  Our models were incredible and it was so much fun to finally meet some Bloomies!  Just a FYI, we are planning a Cali Bloom meet-up in June of 2014 so definitely be on the lookout for all the information about it on the forum.

brenda acuncius photography seniors

brenda acuncius photography seniors 3

brenda acuncius photography seniors 2

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