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I rarely take sessions because I’m so busy with the forum but every now and then I get that itch to shoot clients. Miss L’s grandmother, aka “Nana”, contact me and requested for a session and of course that itch was on over-drive so I had to do it. I’m so glad I did because she and her parents were such a delight and a dream family to photograph. As you can see, they were so comfortable in front of the camera which always makes my job easier. Our session included a baby frog, ducks, dogs, squirrels, raisins, cute outfit changes, scouting for bugs and doughnut holes. If I do say so myself, that’s one perfect session.

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What ____ Looks Like: July 2013


This month’s What ____ Looks Like is going to be a long one so forgive me if half way through the pictures you get bored. Just go ahead and click on Jules Trandem | San Diego Child Photograper and move forward with the circle. :)

Last month right after school ended for Gracie, we packed up the family (including the dog) and headed out for our 3 week RV trip to the west coast. We recently bit the bullet and purchased one since we had be talking about it for years and years. Plus my best memories growing up were of camping with my family and we wanted to do the same for our kids. The timing was just right and we figured now was as good as time as any since the kids were still young and liked to be around us and each other (well, at least most of the time).

Our ultimate goal is to see all the National Parks and in this trip we visited 3 of them. The states we hit were Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and back to Texas. We survived a tornado warning with wind gusts of 60 MPH and tumbleweeds, a blown tire piece that we couldn’t avoid that twisted our tailpipe and pulled down our muffler, a wildfire that had just started when we sat down for lunch, our GPS lady (that I think was secretly trying to kill us) taking us on the California Coast Highway 1 that believe me when I say is NOT MEANT to be driven on in an RV and the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth bashing in our side mirror. Despite all the crazy hiccups, the trip was so fun and we are excited to plan our next adventure (Florida here we come)! We got to visit some family, close friends and see some AMAZING PLACES. And I scattered some of my dad’s ashes in some of the most magnificent places I have ever seen. A beautiful man belongs in beautiful places.

So welcome to my crazy WHAT RVING LOOKS LIKE to us. These are a mixture of both camera and iPhone photos.

What ____ Looks Like: April 2013


Welcome to What ______ Looks Like! Thank you for coming and I hope you all are enjoying our circle. Please make sure you visit the lovely Wendy VonSosen | San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer next to see some serious eyecandy!

I’m sure many of you know the joys of living with little boys! Legos, green army men, cars and blocks are definitely part of our lives around here. By far, the most favorite of Grant’s toys are his Superhero costumes. He absolutely LOVES dressing up and creating little adventures and to be honest, I love it too. I love watching and listening to him when he’s wearing his Thor, Superman and Captain America get-ups. But when he puts on his Batman costume it makes my day. I just swoon over the little six-pack. I find myself giggling at him because it’s too big and when he runs, it’s a slight dilemma because the crotch is down to his knees. LOL!!

Do any of you all have little ones that are dead-set on wearing their costumes out on the town? I have finally broke down and let him because I pick my battles with this strong-willed child of mine. So one day, we were heading to Target to get our weekly grocery shopping done, when he came out sporting Batman. It was so funny and incredibly cute because he was stopped by so many people in the store that played along. One man told him “Thank you for watching over the citizens and putting the bad guys away” in which Grant just turned to him and gave him a thumbs up. The woman in the bakery called him over and gave him a couple cookies and a Batman ring. We got quite a few “Alright Batman” and I can’t even begin to tell you how many smiles and laughs that came our way. I even overheard one girl and her mother in the aisle we were previously in telling her daughter that “no that wasn’t Minnie Mouse, it’s Batman!”

I decided to bring my camera with What _____ Looks Like in mind. I figured I needed to document this special time in his life because I have no doubt he’s going to grow out of this stage. So with that said, I present to you What being a Superhero Looks Like.” We started off the day as Batman (who apparently has wonderful oral hygiene) and ended it as Captain America which is pretty much the norm for my little guy.

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