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reverse lens for macro shots….

I read this article a couple weeks ago about getting marco shots without using a macro lens. It seemed pretty cool so I wanted to try it. I took these yesterday afternoon and I’m pretty darn happy with them. I just held my lens up to my camera to get these but I found an adapter you can get so it will secure the lens to your camera body without the risk of getting junk on your mirror and/or sensor. That company makes one for Nikon bodies too if you are interested..just do a search for it. I used my 50mm 1.4 for these….I had my shutter at 1/160 and my f-stop at 4.5 and my ISO ranged between 400-640. =)


I know this may weird some of you out…not everyone wants to see bugs but I thought it was cool because until I was taking the shot, I didn’t see them on the stem of the flower. Just with human eye, I thought it was dirt.


These are soft but I love how they turned out…almost painting like. =) I’m going to try again once I get my adapter in…I don’t want to push my luck and expose my sensor and internal stuff again. I’m so clumsy, I’m sure I bite it and fall down and jack my camera up. LOL! But if you can purchase an adapter (it’s like $18.00 and that includes shipping), I encourage you guys to try it…it’s really cool and something totally different that what we (kids, baby photogs) are use to doing it. Plus the bonus is that your subject stays still. LOL!!

OH…I wanted to let everyone know that if you emailed me over the holiday and the days after…I made a promise to myself to not do any work last week so my emails piled up some. I will get back to you guys this week if I already haven’t. =)


ETA: Hey guys….to find the adapter to fit the lens you want to use, all you have to do is look inside your lens cap and you’ll see a number…that’s the size you need for the adapter. I accidentally posted the link for the 52mm one. I think that fits for the Nikon 50mm lens but I’m not positive. For the Canon 50mm lens, the size you need is a 58mm. I changed the link above for the correct one. Sorry for the mix-up….it’s the cold medicines that are taking over! LOL!!

Brenda Acuncius

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